We are pleased to announce the launch of the refreshed DayAir.org, the website makeover and enhanced technology will offer a simpler user experience for Day Air members.

The refreshed website is an elegant and refreshing upgrade compared to our previous site, and is loaded with technology that provides Day Air members with a convenient platform to access their services.

Here is what you can expect from the refreshed DayAir.org

  • Simplified Design – We’ve simplified the design of DayAir.org so you can get where you want to go faster.
  • Updated Navigation – A new navigation system makes it easier for you find the account, loan, and service information you want quicker.
  • Faster Mobile Load Times – Smarter design means your pages will load faster on desktop or mobile.
  • Online Appointment Scheduling – It’s now easier than ever to schedule appointments at any Day Air location through our new appointment scheduling software
  • Loan Pay Xpress – With Loan Pay Xpress you can pay your loans quickly without logging into online banking.
  • PLUS – Online Banking Stays the Same – Nothing within online banking is changing, so your online banking experience will remain the same when logged in.

To view the refreshed site and all of its enhancements, you may need to clear your cache one time. This can be done quickly by following the steps below:

  1. In your web browser, press and hold “ctrl + shift + delete”
  2. In the dialogue box that appears, ensure that “cached images and files” is checked
  3. Click “Clear Data”
  4. Close your browser and open a new one – you should be seeing the refreshed site now.

We hope the refreshed designed, increased speed and new features on DayAir.org will enhance your credit union experience and make managing the financial decisions in your life easier.

Take the new site for a spin