Unlimited possibilities!

With Day Air’s on the spot service we can issue you a new debit card instantly at two convenient area locations. There are no activation fees, no monthly or annual fees, and no per usage fees when used for purchases. Our cards are hassle free and easy to use. Get your card today by using one of the buttons below.

Add A Debit Card


Instant Issue

Get your debit card instantly at our Wilmington Pike (Kettering) and York Commons (Butler Township) branches! We were the first in the area to offer this convenient “on the spot” service! If you lose your card, simply come into either of these branches to replace it!

Cash Back Offers for your Debit Card!

With Ampre, you can enjoy thousands of opportunities to get cash back! You can get as much as 10% cash back, occasionally even higher, from the most popular national brands, plus regional and local retailers too.

Visit myampre.com/dayair to create an account with your Day Air Visa debit card and browse the latest cash back offers. Merchants can vary throughout the year, so once you register, sign back in often to check current offers and see how much you’re saving.

Save the Change!

As many as 29 percent of Americans don’t have an emergency fund. Don’t be one of them. Day Air has an easy way for you to start setting aside money. Enroll in our Save the Change program! When you make a debit card purchase, the transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar and that amount is automatically deposited into your savings account each day. You don’t need to do a thing, except watch your savings grow! Contact us or visit a branch to enroll today.

Sign up for Visa Purchase Alerts

Day Air Credit Union realizes that awareness is key to helping protect yourself from fraud. You can sign up for Visa Purchase Alerts, a convenient online monitoring system for activity on your Day Air Visa debit card. It’s free and very easy to sign up your Visa debit and credit cards. You can choose to receive alerts by email, text or both. Get started now.

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