Direct Deposit

Don’t worry about stopping by our office to deposit/cash your check. Don’t fight traffic or waste time waiting in line – simply use direct deposit and have it done electronically! You will have instant access to your funds on payday via an ATM, your Visa® Debit Card, or our most convenient access points: Online banking, our mobile app and BillPayer.

You may fill out our Direct Deposit form or you may contact your payroll/benefits department for a copy of their form.

Wire Transfers

Day Air offers both domestic and International outgoing wire transfers and also accepts both domestic and International incoming wire transfers. The fees for this service are extremely competitive.

Order Checks

You can reorder your checks online quickly and easily with Legacy. If you need assistance, just contact us.

Money Orders

Day Air offers money orders to members for $5.00 each, and each can be made out for a maximum amount of $1,000.

Payroll Deduction

A little deducted here, a little deducted there … suddenly you’ve bankrolled that Bahamas trip – or whatever it is you’re saving for! With payroll deduction, you have the ability to deduct the amount you determine into any of your accounts such as: savings, checking or club account.

You can also payroll deduction to direct a portion of your pay into IRA’s, other family members accounts (i.e. a child’s account) or even make a recurring Day Air loan payment.

If you would like to set up distributions on your payroll, this can be done through Online Banking or you can call us at (937) 643-2160.

Savings Bonds

You can buy and manage electronic savings bonds safely online, 24/7. Sign up today for a TreasuryDirect account at

Notary Public & Signature Guarantee

These services are available at no charge to Day Air members.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Foreign Currency

Why spend your time standing in line at exchange bureaus, banks or airport kiosks when you can quickly and easily order foreign currency at Day Air before you leave the country? You can purchase currency at any Credit Union Branch or online with My Travel Wallet, and it will be delivered as quickly as overnight. Upon your return to the United States, Day Air will buy back your unused foreign currency.

To place an order, or just check exchange rates, click here.